Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DreamArt Classes

Dreams can sometimes be hard to grasp. Occurring in the subconscious, most images that appear in a dream require much thought and interpretation before they can even be fully understood. Some dreams are beautiful and presents the dreamer with images that they could possibly never imagine during a conscious state. Other dreams maybe frightening but may help to create a much-needed awareness. With so much happening during someone’s slumber, it could be extremely difficult to articulate any of the thoughts, emotions, or images that were perceived.

Kellie Meisl is a dream specialist. In fact, she offers classes that assist people in articulating their dreams through what she likes to call, “DreamArt.” Meisl is an artist and a teacher who uses shamanic practices to understand dreams more clearly. By creating art derived from dreams, a further understanding can be made.

Kellie Meisl takes control of the subconscious and provides instruction for bringing artistic dreams to life. By instructing people in her methods of identifying and dissecting dreams, beautiful art can be made. Her uses of Dream Theme and Dream Reflection helps to allow people to not only comprehend their dreams but also to articulate it to others.

Sessions are as follows:

Session 1~ Working With Our Dreams: Guidelines & Dream Reflections, Dream Journaling, Identifying Our Dream Themes & Mapping Our Dreams

Session 2~ Honoring Our Dreams: Dream Reflections, Learning to Revisit our Dreams, Learning to Place Dream Intentions

Session 3~ Creating Our Dreams: Dream Scribble Exercise, Dream Art Project

Session 4~ Acting Our Dreams: Dream Sculpting, Understanding Our Dream Metaphors

Session 5~ Sharing Our Dreams: Paired Intuitive Sharing, Working With Our Dream Guides

Session 6~ Our Personal Dream Journey: Creating a Personal Dream Spiral Line, Holding a Dream Ritual

Session 7~ Growing Our Dreams: Planting a Dream Seed, Growing a Community Dream

Session 8~ Manifesting Our Dreams: Making a Plan for our Dreams to Take Flight, Healing With Spiritual Light, Wrapping Each Other In a Dream

May 6 – June 24
Wednesdays @ 6pm

$15 per class
$100 for all 8 weeks

Classes are held at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, 28 Renne Avenue

Contact Kellie at 413-329-4021 or, with any questions you have or if you are interested in taking a class.

For more information about Kellie Meisl and her methods, click here.

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