Friday, April 17, 2009

Cultural Pittsfield Television!

Written by MCLA student B-HIP intern, Jamal Ahamad

The City of Pittsfield is the central hub of culture for the Berkshire County. With a plethora of galleries, restaurants, and other venues in its downtown area, this city really does deserve massive recognition. With the establishment of the Office of Cultural Development, the City of Pittsfield has seen nothing but bustling activity and continues to do so under the benevolent diligence of its director, Megan Whilden. Her innovativeness has brought upon such great new features to Pittsfield including The Cultural Pittsfield Newsletter, the Jazz Festival, and Third Thursdays. Now, to add on to those elements of success, Whilden and her staff of dedicated Pittsfield residents have started their very own television show. With the assistances of Pittsfield Community Television (PCTV), the Office of Cultural Development releases Cultural Pittsfield Television (CPTV).

“CPTV on PCTV,” as it is referred to amongst the staff of the Cultural Development team, is the manifestation of the almost overwhelming Pittsfield occurrences. This new television show is designed to inform members of the Pittsfield community and Berkshire County of the vast amount of events and happenings throughout Pittsfield. As a result, CPTV acts as a correspondent to the Cultural Pittsfield This Week. Both are designed to inform, however the major difference here and beneficial aspect of each is the ability to attract and reach different audiences while having the ability to cover different yet related material.

The staff of the Office of Cultural Development along with committed volunteers from the Pittsfield community comes together to form the operating staff of CPTV. Each member fulfills an important role and plays a crucial part in producing the show. The show is made up of Producer, Megan Whilden; Director, Ryan Weightman; Co-hosts, Mary Domenichelli and Javier Dominguez; and current cameraman, Jamal Ahamad. Each show follows a basic structure in which there is welcoming commentary from the Co-hosts followed by a prerecorded video segment complete with voiceovers, afterwards the Co-hosts will make a brief commentary and then interview a featured guests, subsequent to that interview, another video segment will play followed by updates and closing commentary.

CPTV is scheduled to premiere on Friday, April 17 at 3pm. Following the premier, the show will air Friday nights at 6pm, Saturday nights at 7pm, and Sundays at both noon and 7pm. For more information, visit and click on CityLink Show Search at the bottom of the page and look for Cultural Pittsfield TV.

Stay up to date with Pittsfield by tuning into CPTV on PCTV!

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