Friday, April 24, 2009

BAA Fellowship Show 2009

Every month, the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts presents a new show to the Pittsfield community that everyone could enjoy. This month is no different— The Berkshire Art Association Fellowship Show is an annual exhibit that recognizes college-level achievement in art. This show gives students the chance to showcase their talents and earn cash awards. This year, the BAA awarded eleven students with the opportunity to put their work on display here at the Lichtenstein.

The BAA Fellowship Show could best be described as vivid in color, bright, and imaginative. Each of the eleven students brings something completely different to the gallery. Along the beautiful white walls of the Lichtenstein, each painting, photo, textile, and sculpture pops right off of the wall forcing viewers to take notice without being so visually overpowering. Indeed, the exhibit is aesthetically pleasing and stimulates the eye quite possibly more than any other exhibit has within the past four months.

The art throughout the show varies on so many different levels. With eleven participating artists come eleven different art styles. Pieces vary in shape, size, color, and overall appearance. Quickly glancing at the wall, there are deep and vivid hues of red, blues, and greens. To mention only one piece would not do the exhibit as a whole justice because each painting, photo, textile, and sculpture work as a whole to create an overall feel of aesthetic pleasure. This show is definitely something that every art enthusiast should personally experience.

This year’s featured artists are listed below:

Beverly Acha, Williams College
Medium: encaustic and monoprints

Claire Briguglio, Macalester College
Medium: silkscreen

Nicole Campanale, Tyler School of Art
Medium: textiles

Merritt Fletcher, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Medium: painting

Elena Gil-Chang, Williams College
Medium: prints and painting

Maya Lama, Williams College
Medium: painting

Beth Links, Williams College
Medium: textile sculpture

Silvia Juliana Mantilla Ortiz, Williams College
Medium: digital and mixed media

Omar Mendez, Williams College
Medium: painting

Kristen Parker, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Medium: photography

Sofia Torres, Williams College
Medium: digital photography

April 18 - May 16 | 12noon-5pm | Wednesdays - Saturdays | Lichtenstein Center for the Arts | 28 Renne Avenue | 499-9348

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dolls like us said...

I love college art shows I won second years ago at a local college in a womens art show as a non professional artist so it is fun to be in .