Friday, October 8, 2010

D-Cup Diatribes!

Sat 10/9/10 8pm • A: $35 B: $15 

The Cleavage Culture Explored...

A “Breastcentric” Comedy for All Ages, Shapes and Sizes, Men too!

Poignant, intimate, triumphant—this breast-conscious comedy examines the lives of 8 feisty females, and how each character internally struggles and externally compensates or copes with her relationship with her body… in a Cleavage Culture Society.

The D-Cup Diatribes is in partnership with The American Cancer Society raising funds for breast cancer awareness and breast cancer prevention. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month—stay tuned for D-Cups events, the Breast Cancer Walk and more. Bring a new bra (D and plus sizes) to the show and help Support... UPLIFT women in need. Bras will be distributed to womens shelters across the country and in your community. A hilarious, comedy night out for everyone!

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