Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Berkshire Anime

If you like good food, good company and are interested in Japanese Anime or Manga -- come out to the Berkshire Anime Club meeting Saturday, October 23, from 2pm - 5pm @ the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts!

The Berkshire Anime & Manga Club is a Western Massachusetts group dedicated to locating, studying, reading and watching Japanese comics and animation. It's a fairly new club (formed in March of 2010) and they're recruiting! If you live in the Berkshire County area (or even if you don't) and you're an anime or manga fan, we invite you to join up and meet other like-minded fans.

Berkshire Anime's goals are to connect people who know what anime and manga are about, or want to learn more. The club was started to...
• Bring people together who are anime and manga fans
• Provide a place to screen anime on a bigger (and better) screen than a television or computer monitor
• Plan outside events, like convention trips, manga trades, etc.
• Expose members to the literature, language, and art of another culture. (Japanese)
• Discuss the technology and techniques of animation and film-making.

To find out more about Berkshire Anime -- go to http://www.berkshireanime.org/ or http://www.meetup.com/BerkshireAnime/

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