Monday, February 9, 2009

Artscape Spotlight this Week: "Macresco"

Artscape is a public outdoor art exhibition that spans the entire downtown Pittsfield area. The exhibition has been ongoing for a number of years, with exciting new additions in each new year. Artscape includes sculptures, banners, and street signs that energize and add whimsy and beauty to our city.

Notable this week: "Macresco" by Drew Goerlitz

Right outside of the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority, there is an unexpected work of art. Composed out of an unlikely duo of materials, paper and steel, this sculpture demonstrates an amazing display of strength and balance. Artist, Drew Goerlitz, built this piece from the ground up and entitled it, "Macresco." It's name is just as powerful and appealing as the actual sculpture. Through sunshine, rain, sleet, and snow it stands tall and unmovable.

Below is Goerlitz's statement:

Through my sculpture I explore the synthesis of line, negative shape, mass, and stability. My sculpture remains simplistic, although there is a complexity, not in its appearance but contained within the struggle of weight and balance. This combination evokes a feeling of tension and suggests utility. The function of these sculptures is social, political, and most of all personal. It can be one or all of these things. Its elements, paper and steel, force upon us the idea of our society and the roles that industry and communication take in our lives.

You can read more about Gorelitz here:

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