Thursday, August 5, 2010

Public Art Call to Artists for Work

Public art can be monumental and powerful, or diminutive and subtle; it can be painted, assembled, constructed, synthesized or sculpted. Public art is any work created with the specific intent to be placed in a public space; they can be magnets for attention, raise questions, bend our perceptions of a space and place, and alter how we experience our cities.

With this spirit, Pittsfield’s Artscape invites artists to submit proposals for new work in the 2010-2011 exhibition season. Deadline for receipt of submission is October, 31st 2010. Artists will receive a $1000 honorarium. For more information on how to apply please call 413-499-9348 or visit us online.

The mission of the city of Pittsfield’s Artscape program is to enhance the downtown’s character and attract visitors by installing and promoting works of art in various outdoor locations accessible to the public throughout the downtown area. Full application information below!

2011 Public Art Proposal Guidelines:


DEADLINE: October 31st, 2010


The mission of the City of Pittsfield’s Artscape program is to enhance the downtown’s character and attract visitors by installing and promoting works of art in various outdoor locations accessible to the public throughout the downtown area.

The city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts is located in the heart of culturally rich Berkshire County, in western Massachusetts. A city of 45,000, Pittsfield is home to the Berkshire Museum, Hancock Shaker Village, Barrington Stage Company, the Colonial Theatre, the Berkshire Opera Company, South Mountain Concerts, the Berkshire Music School, the Berkshire Athenaeum, the Storefront Artist Project, and a variety of other cultural attractions. In addition, the city features a winter ski resort, a state forest, two lakes, the Housatonic River, and a National Audubon Society sanctuary within its city borders.


Artists proposing a work for public display are encouraged to visit the City of Pittsfield before submitting their proposal. Applicants must take into account that the site is an urban outdoor environment. Please be aware that sculptures and installations must meet safety requirements and be able to withstand the effects of weather and public use. Insurance coverage for the artwork (protection against damage, theft or vandalism) is not provided. Liability insurance is provided by the City of Pittsfield. The exhibition of the work will be between May 2011 and May 2012.

Selection Process:

Proposals are juried by an advisory committee composed of prominent curators, artists, arts administrators and Artscape member representatives.


Recipients are granted financial support in the amount of $1,000. One (or more) proposals for new and/or site specific work may receive (as determined in the review process) a $2,500 honorarium. Some technical assistance, approved by the Artscape committee on a project-by-project basis, is provided to install work. Placement of all work is determined by the committee. Requests for site-specific locations must be submitted with the original proposal.


This program is open to all artists, nationally and internationally. Artscape can not provide any housing or transportation. Artists living outside the local region have to make their own living and travel arrangements.



-Current Resume
-CD With Images
-CD Script
-Color Laser Copies, Photographs Or Digital Prints
-Proposal for work – please include a drawing or rendering for proposed new work.
-Price list if work is available for sale
-Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope (For Return Of Materials)
-Self Addressed Stamped Postcard (Optional) (notify you of receipt of proposal)

Current Resume: This should include information about education; exhibition history; awards, grants/residencies; and details of any published writings or reviews about your work.

References: Please provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two people who are familiar with your work.

Ten Images on CD: Images should be of recent work, particularly if they relate to your proposal. DO NOT SEND MORE THAN TEN IMAGES. ONLY THE FIRST TEN WILL BE REVIEWED.

CD Script: Please send a list (printed hard copy) that corresponds to the submitted images. For each image, include the title, date, materials and dimensions and, if necessary, a brief description of the work.

(optional) 1-5 Color Laser Copies, Photographs Or Digital Prints
These should be of images selected from the submitted images (do not send images of works that are not included on the script). Be sure to label each one with your name and a number that corresponds to the script.


A brief description of the work that you would like to produce and exhibit. This can be a written description and/or a drawing, plan or rendering.

Please DO NOT send:
• materials larger than 8-1/2 x 11 inches
• original artwork
• large format transparencies
• video tapes

Price List: If work is available for purchase please list the price. Sales are made with 30% of sale price going back to Artscape and 70 % to the artist.

Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope: large enough to enclose all submitted materials and should have enough postage to cover return mailing.

Self Addressed Stamped Postcard (optional)
For notification that your proposal package was received, please enclose a self addressed, stamped postcard.

Completed proposals must be received in the office of Cultural Development at The Lichtenstein Center for the Arts by 5:00 pm on October 31 2010.

Be sure to put your name, address and telephone number on all materials.

You can send your proposal by regular mail, Federal Express or UPS to:
Please do not send your proposal by registered mail or return receipt.

Artscape: 2011 Public Art Proposal
c/o Megan Whilden, Director of Cultural Development
Office of Cultural Development
28 Renne Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Telephone: 413-499-9348

Hand Delivered:

To deliver your proposal by hand, please deliver to The Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, 28 Renne Avenue, Monday through Friday. Call in advance for hours.


Donna Dodson said...

What is the deadline, October 31st or September 15th?

Cultural Pittsfield said...

Whoops, it's October 31st! Thanks forthe heads up, we corrected the error.