Friday, July 16, 2010

Puppetry, Performance and Legend Converge at Springside Park Next Weekend

The Mettawee River Theatre Company will be performing their latest production, The Woman Who Fell From the Sky, at Springside Park on July 25th at 8pm.

Their outdoor production for the summer of 2010 is The Woman Who Fell from the Sky, originally produced by Mettawee Co. in 1997. It is drawn from the Iroquois creation tale in which the Sky Woman falls from the spirit world and lands on the back of a turtle. Water animals bring up mud from the bottom of the sea so the earth can grow. The character Sapling creates all the earth's delightful things; his brother Flint brings us mosquitoes and thorns and sharp rocks. The abrupt arrival of Hodu'i, a whimsical crack-pot who claims to have created it all, spells the readiness of the earth for the arrival of human beings. The production will incorporate many puppets representing the spirits and creatures of this young world.

Mettawee Co. is taking their production on the road, so if you can't catch it here in Pittsfield, check their online schedule of performances.

The Mettawee River Theatre Company, founded in 1975, creates original theater productions which incorporate masks, giant figures, puppets and other visual elements with live music, movement and text, drawing on myths, legends and folklore of the world's many cultures for its material. The company is committed to bringing theater to people who have little or no access to live professional theater. Each year Mettawee presents outdoor performances in rural communities of upstate New York and New England as well as performing in the New York City area.

For more information about The Mettawee River Theatre Company, visit their website at

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