Sunday, January 27, 2008

Art & Housing: It's all connected

The Boston Globe has featured Pittsfield on the front page of its real estate section twice in recent months, both times touting its affordability and its creative rennaissance. Click here to read about why it's a great city to invest in or live in, from its great location in the Berkshires with easy access to NYC to the outdoor amenities, funky old architecture, and burgeoning artist community congregating at hubs like Dottie's Coffee Lounge, pictured above from the Globe article.
Click here to read the Globe's feature about affordable housing for artists in Pittsfield and environs and a groundbreaking new program that's being developed here in the Berkshires to help support low income artists.

And click here to read about a grant recently received for the innovative and upcoming New Amsterdam housing complex, inspired by old world row houses and Hundertwasser, planned for downtown Pittsfield, to feature affordable rental units and...shops and a gallery!

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